Now with a Mission Statement

While Blogging I realized something; it would be a good idea to have something that lets people know why we post on NKnighton. What better way to do that than a mission statement? This statement will be on the 'about' page as well as this post. If you have any thoughts on it leave a … Continue reading Now with a Mission Statement


Debt a Social Norm

Today there is a growing tool that takes great responsibility to use correctly, that tool is credit. With a responsibility, consequences can come from it if failed. According to CBS news, 73% of Americans are in debt. The average amount is close to $62,000 per person. Some people are happy when they are approved for … Continue reading Debt a Social Norm

2 Short Tips to Keep Ahead of the Bills

There are many ways to save on bills such as cutting back expenses, reduce usage of electricity and heating, or using a bus or bike for transportation. But here are two short ways to keep ahead on your bills. 1. Knowing where your money is going Think about what bills that will be coming up. … Continue reading 2 Short Tips to Keep Ahead of the Bills

Fast Food: The destroyer of Health and Money

Fast food, this article may give you second thoughts before you bite into that Big Mac. The average American spends over $1,200 on fast food a year. The average Brit spends about £1,300 a year. Eating takeaway may be good when in a rush but overall it should be avoided for the reason of savings … Continue reading Fast Food: The destroyer of Health and Money

Nominated for the Liebster Award & New Nominations

  I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by melvin2018. Thank you for the nomination it is greatly appreciated and I will continue it by nominating five other bloggers. The Liebster Award is for recognition and appreciation to newer or rising bloggers. This helps get new bloggers out there in the vast community and … Continue reading Nominated for the Liebster Award & New Nominations

Incorporating Savings into a Budget

Many times I have attempted at keeping a good saving and I learned something. It is really hard! With multiple failures comes multiple chances to learn. After researching from each try, I picked up and developed a few tips, so hopefully; you as well as I can succeed in savings. Before jumping right into saving … Continue reading Incorporating Savings into a Budget