A Healthy Money Relationship

A hard earned pay check feels great to receive. That money is yours and you get to spend it however you want to. Bills are usually paid, money is spent, and so on. Not very many people think to put a portion of their paycheck towards charity. I had a teacher in high school who gave my class a lesson on budgeting once. I was expecting him to discuss the usual things such as savings and a retirement fund but what he said first was surprising. He proposed that 10% of each paycheck should be put directly towards charity and/or serving others. Furthermore, he said that this 10% should be taken out before anything else is paid or put into savings. Most of my fellow classmates seemed to ponder this idea in their heads as did I. I personally liked his idea but a minute later I realized how difficult it might be to pay 10% of every paycheck if your paychecks were barely enough to pay for your basic needs.

Pay It Forward

Paying it forward is an admirable concept. Maybe I don’t put 10% of my paycheck towards a good cause but rather I put 5% instead. Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world today. He is worth billions but rather than keep all of that money for himself, he has donated around 2.2 billion dollars in the past 17 years. Most people seem to expect wealthy people to donate a lot of what they make. I believe each person with a constant paycheck, no matter what the amount, should consider donating a part of their income. I’m the happiest when I am serving others. Imagine what any percent of a paycheck could do for somebody? 

Positive Money Relationship

Not only does donating to charity make one feel good, it also helps each individual keep a healthy relationship with money. Money can feel like life and death sometimes but really, money is just money. Although it is important to spend money wisely, it can be harmful to obsess about how much money we are spending. Money and income shouldn’t feel like life or death. I believe that money should feel freeing rather than a burden. Paying a consistent amount of every paycheck towards a good cause helps me associate money as a positive thing. 

Where can I donate?

GoFundMe is one website that has a multiplicity of people who are in need of money. This is a place that I like to donate.because it is well known. When my uncle was mugged, my family started a GoFundMe to help with his medical bills. There are different charity organizations such as The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society which is a charity that helps support those with certain cancers. Another health related charity is Action Against Hunger. I love the prospect of being able to donate to the causes that resonate the best with me. The Trevor project is a charity that’s goal is provide counseling and education to young LGBTQ people. These are just a few examples of charities that accept donations but there are many more. 

It is essential to have a good relationship with money and I believe that regularly donating is a step one can take.

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7 thoughts on “A Healthy Money Relationship

  1. I really liked this post. It’s very different to what I usually see regarding money management. I agree that it’s important to give back when you can, and as often as you can.

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