Covid-19 and Your Wallet

Covid-19 has caused massive damage economically and socially. Some of these damages include people losing their income, benefits, and even their jobs. According CIDRAP, over 20 million jobs in the U.S have been lost due to Covid-19. It is important to stay hopeful and positive during this crisis. But it is hard to do so, when there is financial security at stake. Many are learning how to cut down on unnecessary expenses and how to get by through these hard times. Here are some simple tips to help get by.

Some Simple Tips

Homemade meals are cheaper and healthier than drive thru or take out.

– If your hours have been cut, consider finding a partime job until they come back.

If you are hard on cash, try selling some items of value that you can part with. A TV, computer, an extra sofa, or a desk are all examples of some good items to sell.

If you have lost a job, try looking at different job search engines such as Glassdoor (not affiliate). Look for local work in the newspaper or consider finding an online job.

Buy less snacks, drinks, and other unessential items.

Cut down electricity, gas, and water usage to reduce utility bills.

Portioning, eating less during meals and saving the rest for later.

Think and consider all options to reduce expenses and earn extra money, only you know how your financial situation is.

Everyone is having different experiences during this pandemic and everyone has different situations. Share how you and your families are getting through this in the comments below and help each other 🙂

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