Let’s Talk About Self Employment

Self-employment is something to consider when choosing a career or making a career change. It is something one might consider when wanting to make more money as well. Scott Hodges (non-affiliate) started doing real estate in June of 2012. This began his personal self-employment journey. His story teaches many valuable things about self-employment. 


His family had been investing in real estate out of state in Indiana and they also owned a rental property in Vancouver, WA for a few years. These rental properties were successful and contributed extra money to his family. Becoming a realtor seemed like a natural move from his then current job as a pilot. Switching his career was going to be a challenge but he chose to do so in order to increase his family’s income. This new career also allowed for him to be home every night which was something that he and his family wanted. 

Interest In Real Estate

He loves the problem solving aspect of Real Estate. He recently worked with a buyer that was concerned with a 30 foot tree leaning up against the backside of a home. He negotiated with the seller and was able to get the seller to pay for the removal of the tree and pay additional money for a few other minor repairs. Each different Self-employment opportunity lets you pick what you want to learn and do.  

His Advice

He said that working on your mindset is extremely important in order to thrive in any business. In continuance he said, “As you work on your mindset, visualize your success, set goals and work to accomplish your goals, the universe will help you succeed.”


Scott didn’t consider himself an entrepreneur and he didn’t have experience. He quickly learned that he could use his past employment and life experience to meet the needs of clients. He was self driven which made showing up for work easy. He is a hard boss on himself. Sometimes knowing what to do to make money is difficult, but you can lean on others that have experience and learn from them.

The Start of It

Scott had a mentor. He believes that every entrepreneur needs a mentor in the industry that they are working in. It can be a waste of time to recreate the wheel. Rather than recreate the wheel, take what other people in the same job profession are doing and make your own course. 

The Challenges 

The start of self employment comes with a lot of decisions and sacrifices, making it a struggle. When Scott started out as a Realtor, he had 10 months to decide if it was going to work for him. It was a grueling 10 months and at times he had his doubts. He kept trusting in the process and leaning on others that were successful in his office. Looking at his peer’s success helped him succeed. He was like a sponge and sucked up everything he could. This process was overwhelming but helped him eventually achieve the work lifestyle that he desired. 

Wise money decisions

He stayed focused on profitable activities that didn’t cost a whole lot of money. He also understood that his time was important and that time can be just as valuable as money. He  was frugal in his spending which meant he didn’t accumulate a lot of debt when he started. Today, Scott still manages his spending well. He does not spend money on frivolous costs that make him feel good because those don’t produce results. Making wise money decisions can help a business grow. Today, he has increased his income by 100% from what he was making before reality.

The Passion

Scott loves Real Estate and working with buyers and sellers. His job requires hard work like any job, but he is his own boss which has proved to be rewarding. Self employment allows for individuals to work more closely with their passions. Getting to choose most of the work aspects when it comes to each person’s lifestyle, is highly rewarding.  

 The Ups and Downs

Self-employment is all about trial and error. It is important to consider what the benefits are as well as what would have to be given up. Choosing your hours is a great benefit of self-employment but you also risk not earning a stable income with self-employment. It is a personal decision. I hope this story helped you decide what to do in your next career step. 

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