Do you really need it?

Money is Important

It is no debate that money is essential in this day of age, it is how we buy the things we need; shelter, food, water, and so on. Of course, we have to earn the money, trading something for something whether that be any form of work. Though making money is very important but knowing how to spend it is also just as significant.

What are you Buying?

There is things that we need and the things that we want. Spending on essential things such as a home, food, and other necessary items is good but even the cost of those things can be reduced read more about how to cut down and save on one of my previous reads Incorporating Savings into a Budget“. Most the time the essentials bills can’t be avoided but the things you just want can be. The first step in starting to save is to recognize where you are spending your money, do you buy a cup of coffee every day, do you buy clothes that aren’t needed to often, do you eat out too much? There is lots of money that can be saved from less spending and you need to ask yourself do I really need this, do you really want this, and is it worth it?

Take action

Take some action and begin to make some baby steps. Keep track of what you buy and decide what can be done to cut down some of those costs or if you even need it at all. Most the time there is more money to be had than you realized, keep a close watch on what is being spent and be ready to ask yourself “Do you really need it?”.

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