5 Types of Subscriptions that you may have forgotten

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Subscriptions or reoccurring payments are very useful to our daily lives so we don’t have to spend time on paying for our memberships or services that we want to have on a regular basis. Having the things you want automatically transferred every once and a while is a great thing to have. With hundreds of thousands of services that can be provided to us on a single device, it’s easy to find something enjoyable and set up a subscription (Sub*).

But sometimes!

We get too many and sometimes they are forgotten. There have been many cases where people will have set up multiple subs* and don’t even use them and after adding up all the numbers you lose a lot more money than you even knew. Some subs* don’t cost much, they all vary but altogether you can lose hundreds.


5 Types of Subs* you may have overlooked

  1. Music

    There is a lot of programs that can give us all the tunes we want. Usually around $10 a month for a premium subscription it isn’t too bad of a deal but over time it can add up especially if you have multiple accounts with different music programs.

  • Gym

    Gyms actually have quite a bit of people who have a sub* that never come to it or only come about three times a month or less. Staying healthy and fit is important so if you pay to go then you should go. Gym prices can range from $15 to even $110 a month and can make an impact in your wallet.

  • Gaming

    Some video games require a network membership some only costing $10 to $20 which can be hours of entertainment making it well worth it but after setting up a few more accounts for multiple games that cost $10 could end up to be $30 or even $50 a month together.

  • Film

    Movies and TV shows are always a good way to pass the time and relax. There are many new service providers that give us what we want to watch. When they don’t have something we want to watch we find it elsewhere on a different provider. The cost can be $5 to $15 a sub*.

  • AudioBooks

    For those who don’t like to read or don’t have the time to pick up a book, an audiobook is a good solution. Prices can be from $10 to $30 a month which is a good deal only if you use it enough.


A lot of providers like to keep it discrete when they charge you every month in case you had forgotten about the subscription and sometimes people don’t notice for months. All together you could be spending around $30 to even $150 a month on subs* Only keep the subscriptions you use often and cancel any you won’t be using. Make sure to keep track and write down any accounts set up with subs and when they bill. There are more subscription services than just these and they all vary in prices, it’s up to you to decide if you use it enough and if it is worth the cost every billing cycle.

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