2 Short Tips to Keep Ahead of the Bills

There are many ways to save on bills such as cutting back expenses, reduce usage of electricity and heating, or using a bus or bike for transportation. But here are two short ways to keep ahead on your bills.

1. Knowing where your money is going

Think about what bills that will be coming up. After you pay one, there will be another one the next month. Figure out how much you are going to need for it, where do you need to cut down on to be able to pay for it, and how much will you have left after it.

2. Pay Ahead and Extra

When dealing with bills it should be the first thing paid for. Pay it off as soon as possible, before spending money on anything else. If your able to pay for it early then do it. Then there is Paying extra. That’s right paying extra, it is a nice way to get ahead of it all. Have a bill for $50, pay $60 then next months bill is only $40, pay $60 again. The bill the month after is $30, then $20, $10, Then you reach a point where you are a month ahead or even more.

In Conclusion: Write a Savings Plan

Without a set plan, how do you expect to save. Know where your money is going, budget it out, and figure out a strategy such as paying extra to keep ahead on those bills.

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