Fast Food: The destroyer of Health and Money

Fast food, this article may give you second thoughts before you bite into that Big Mac. The average American spends over $1,200 on fast food a year. The average Brit spends about £1,300 a year. Eating takeaway may be good when in a rush but overall it should be avoided for the reason of savings and health, ready for it? Here it is.

Money, Money, and More Money

According to the Bureau of Labor, a person on average will spend about $7,000 on food in a year. A lot of that $7,000 comes from fast food. For some people, they spend about $60 a week on it, equal to around $2,600 in a year.


Food will always cost something, that is never avoidable. What to look for is cheap top quality products. Cheap does not mean the one dollar menu at your local takeaway. What cheap top quality means is this.

Your willing to pay this much for a meal but some questions need to be answered. How much does it cost, how filling is it, how healthy is it? Takeaways restaurant’s work towards making food addictive in taste and poor in satisfying hunger so more will be purchased. In the process of trying to make their food inexpensive they also become bad for your health. Buy food that is better quality for health, more filling, and just as or less expensive.

Buying products that don’t satisfy hunger, means you’ll have to either spend more than or in the next meal. Consider two things, think of resources and production. In order for a restaurant to make a profit, they have to make more than it cost to purchase their resources. Rather than spending more on the product. Spend less on the resources to make it yourself. An estimated average of $600 could be saved from quitting fast food for some it can be up to $1,000.

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Health and a little bit of “Do I really eat that?”

How healthy is fast food? More like “how unhealthy is fast food.” Due to the food being excessively processed, the nutritious value of takeaway meals is little to nothing.


Many additional elements are added such as sugar, sodium, and preservatives. Too much sodium causes high blood pressure which can increase the chances of a stroke, heart attack, osteoporosis, stomach cancer, and other illnesses. Too much sugar as well increases the risk of high blood pressure and heart failure.

Fastfood has the benefit of a quick meal but it is best to avoid unhealthy food with high unit pricing. Before eating a meal think about how much it costs and how good it really is for you.

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13 thoughts on “Fast Food: The destroyer of Health and Money

  1. I hope with the rise in quality restaurant’s that are providing healthier and more fulfilling meals that we will see the fall in fast food. The prices are for ever hiking and it’s just as cheap now to eat two courses at a independent homemade food establishment. We cut it out our lives pretty much after uni and having a kid made me realise I shouldn’t eat things I don’t seem subtable enough for her

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Less fast food would be really great. It’s good to know that homemade food establishments are becoming more of an option for people rather than takeaway. I am impressed with you cutting it out of your life and I respect you for the reason why. It’s good to be a good example and set a standard for healthy food.


  2. The last years there is a lot of ‘food awareness’ so I really hope that people start realising how bad fastfood really is. I must say that personally I rarely order fastfood. I don’t like MacDonalds and co so that makes it easy. We have never really made a habit of it to order takeaway as it’s unhealthy and so expensive! We do however order a pizza once in a while.

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    1. Fastfood has really hurt a lot of people’s lives in health. The more awareness the better and sometimes even when people know about it they still eat it because they don’t know how much it really affects them. Pizza is my weakness we order quite a bit. Homemade pizza is pretty nice though.

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