Resilience, a Process

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What is Resilience?

Resilience, a trait many great leaders and people have had. Resilience is defined as the ability to spring back after trial and hardship. Resilience is how life moves on and things are done. There are many great examples of resilience in history that we can refer to when our own resilience is wearing thin. There are many things that bear down on is in our daily lives. Life is full of trials. Between school, work, extracurricular activities, goals, hardships, and social lives, it is hard to come back after being weighed down. It’s as if 20 lbs was thrown on your shoulders, and as you struggle to remove this weight, it gets harder. Being able to come back from that is key, and that’s resilience.

An Example of Resiliency

Some examples of resilience in history are the founding fathers of the United States. The founding fathers fought for freedom against an impenetrable force, the red coats. Through their resilience they were able to win America and create a country, where they were free. Although our lives are hard, we don’t have to fight one of the best militaries of the time to live in freedom. We can use this example to stay resilient. Knowing that those men were able to stay resilient through their trials, can help make ours easier to bear and easier to come back from.

Stay Resilient!

A way to stay resilient is to remember why you are doing what you’re doing. If you know why what is going on, is happening, it can help you stay resilient. You can put it into perspective. If you’re having a hard time with something, think about what it will help you accomplish in a year, 5 years, 10, 20. If you have a larger perspective you can stay resilient. Trials are going to happen, that’s a part of life, but through trials, you can learn and grow, and become a better person.

When you are resilient, you always come back stronger than before. When you have trial, and come back from it, it makes you stronger. When you are psychologically resilient, your brain will stay adapt and when a new trail comes along, you will be able to face it better, whether its emotional, physical etc.

Endurance and Recovery

Resilience isn’t necessarily endurance, as much as recovery, but it can be defined as both. You can be resilient through a trail, keeping your head up and working hard, but resilience is more commonly a recovery method. After you have had a trial and your are ‘bent out of shape’ in a way, you need resilience to come back. Don’t worry if you aren’t feeling 100% resilient during a trial, you can be resilient after. Resilience can be both endurance and recovery depending on your situation. Everyone has different trials and need different ways to go through them and ways to recover.

This to Shall Pass

We live in a world where after a trail, finding a way to be resilient is hard. It feels like the world hates you, and there is no reason to smile. Trials are hard, and getting over hardships is a hard complicated process. The process of resilience will help to keep you from collapsing and feeling like there is nothing left. Remember to smile at the little things, do things that make you happy, take up a hobby, find anything to take your mind off your pain. Being hung up on pain doesn’t help it go away. Let go of grudges, stay resilient, and work hard. Your trials will end, and you will be stronger. Remember resilience and work hard. A better time is ahead.

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8 thoughts on “Resilience, a Process

  1. I think that this is an expertly written article that demonstrates the mind of someone who has been through a lot. Thank you for helping so many people continue to push through the torrents of life.

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    1. If you are confident in yourself, and know why what you are doing is important, then you can stay resilient and block others out easier. If you’re okay with what you are doing, it shouldn’t matter what others think of you. Hope that this helps!

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