My First Blog and what is planned

My first blog post, surely a terrifying experience for the majority of the population. What I wish to entail in this blog is the goals set out for this website and things that will come from it. Nknighton is the name of a business that I wish to grow. It doesn’t have a specific use but it will consist of many eventually, which could range from selling a product, giving information, or something such as a new video game. Some shorter-term goals to be accomplished would be how often writings will be posted and so forth.


  • Post weekly or bi-weekly
  • Email list
  • Inform
  • Create good follower bases
  • Good content
  • Good feedback from followers
  • Etc. (Future add-ons)

SOME TOPICS: Some ideas that will be written about. Any sections are areas that may be used more than others and will have its own navigation key.

  • Business (section)
  • Debated Events
  • Inspiration and Goal setting
  • Paranormal Theories (section)
  • Game reviews
  • Government topics
  • Human nature
  • Etc.



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