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Making Credit Cards Pay You

Credit cards can either be a good thing or a bad thing. What it takes to make it a good thing depends on how the individual handles their money. In fact, credit cards make up 26.2% of the total consumer debt in the United States which is over $1 trillion. This is a growing issue because … Continue reading Making Credit Cards Pay You

5 Types of Subscriptions that you may have forgotten

Hey! It’s convenient Subscriptions or reoccurring payments are very useful to our daily lives so we don’t have to spend time on paying for our memberships or services that we want to have on a regular basis. Having the things you want automatically transferred every once and a while is a great thing to have. … Continue reading 5 Types of Subscriptions that you may have forgotten

Debt a Social Norm

Today there is a growing tool that takes great responsibility to use correctly, that tool is credit. With responsibility, consequences can come from it if failed. According to CBS News, 73% of Americans are in debt. The average amount is close to $62,000 per person. Some people are happy when they are approved for a … Continue reading Debt a Social Norm

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